Organic Produce

The rich fertile soils of the Hayhurst Valley produce some of the best tasting and nutrient rich vegetables you can ever eat.  Under our organic management for the last 25 years, and never commercially farmed, these soils are some of the cleanest and healthiest to be found providing a healthy home for our crops.


We strive to emphasize quality over quantity, harvesting crops at the peak of their flavor and nutrient content and delivering direct to customers as fresh as possible.


Some of the crops we are especially well known for include:

Sweet and colorful beets and carrots

Crunchy and flavorful mesclun salad mixes

Juicy and sweet slicing & cherry tomatoes

Beautiful and sweet red, orange & yellow peppers

Sweet, storage and specialty onions

Potatoes, winter squash, celeriac and much more.

Most of our organic produce is sold direct to the consumer at our Farmers’ Market booth.

For locations where you can find our organic produce click here:

Farmers’ Markets



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