Strawberry Varieties

Nursery March 26f

We have six varieties to choose from, all of which are well suited to our climate:

Day Neutrals:

Albion – Produces large to very large, firm conical berries with sweet flavor. Upright habit with moderate runners. Good for baskets or pots. Resistant to verticillium wilt, phytophthora crown rot and has some resistance to anthracnose crown rot.

Eversweet – Steady producer of long conical fruit with outstanding flavor even in high heat. Compact plants suitable for baskets and boxes.

Seascape – This variety produces very large, firm, sweet, fruit with a medium to long conical shape. Seascape is a very productive and disease-resistant variety ideal for gardens or containers.

Tristar – Consistently yields a large crop of firm, sweetly aromatic, medium sized flavorful, glossy red berries. Remove runners for best fruit production. Resistant to leaf blight, verticillium, red stele and powdery mildew and partially resistant to verticillium wilt and leaf scorch. Recommended for freezing.

June Bearing:

Benton – Very bright, medium to large conical frut. Appears to have excellent winter hardiness and excellent fruit quality with vigorous growth. Upright habit and more drought resistant. Virus and red stele tolerant.  Ripens late, but has excellent keeping quality

Tillamook – Produces high yield of very large, attractive, high quality fruit that ripen in mid-season.  The large fruit size combined with an open plant habit make it extremely efficient to pick.  Fruit are extremely firm, cap easily, and have excellent flavor, but color is somewhat light.  Disease resistant.

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