Hayhurst Valley

Category: Nursery

Lots of Beautiful Strawberry Plants Ready to Go

Now is a great time to plant strawberries for years of succulent berries right from your backyard.  Strawberries for the home garden fall into two broad categories, June Bearing, which tend to produce one large crop early in the season,…

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Wind Damage to Field Greenhouse

Lots of high winds this winter.  One of the greenhouses out in the field was buttoned up so tight that the force of the wind on the plastic was like a giant ship’s sail.  Force got so high it snapped…

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Nursery Update

Nursery is getting busier and busier.  Our normal seeding list for vegetable traypacks is now in the hundreds.  In addition, we are potting up thousands of bare root strawberries and transplanting hundreds of our homegrown herb plugs. Time also to…

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