Wind Damage to Field Greenhouse

Lots of high winds this winter.  One of the greenhouses out in the field was buttoned up so tight that the force of the wind on the plastic was like a giant ship’s sail.  Force got so high it snapped the 4×4 door post in two.  Once the wind blew end plastic apart the force inside blew off the track for the wiggle wire that holds the plastic down.  Flapping metal and plastic do not play well together and eventually the buffeting led to a large rip in the plastic.

Oh well.  This house is over 20 years old so good time for some renewal work anyway….bottom boards are rotting away and the vibrations from the wind over the years have loosened and dropped many nuts off the bolts holding the ribs together and even broke a few of the bolts.  But its got good bones so some new boards, new hardware, a little repositioning of the wiggle wire track with new screws and some new 4×4 door posts and it will be good as new.

Already got the new plastic on Thursday and hope the ground will be dry enough in there later this week so we can get it back into production.  Especially eager to get some more early tomatoes in the ground.


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